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  • 'The Walking Dead' Powers AMC Networks' Q4 and Full-Year Earnings

    26/02/2015 08:56
    The Walking Dead” drove a nearly 25% gain in advertising revenue at AMC Networks in the fourth quarter, powering the cable group's earnings and revenue well past Wall Street's expectations. AMC Networks said Thursday that fourth quarter ad revenue at ...

  • The Walking Dead will air a 90-minute season finale March 29

    25/02/2015 12:12
    The Walking Dead's season five finale will be an extended 90-minute episode airing March 29 at 9 p.m., AMC announced Wednesday. In the finale, Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and his group continue to ...

  • 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers: Recap for 'The Distance'

    24/02/2015 11:42
    Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" sees the group making it through a storm and grieving the loss of Beth and Tyreese. When an overly cheerful newcomer invites Rick and the rest of the group to a zombie-free sanctuary, some of them are suspicious ...

  • New scarier Ghostbusters movie inspired by The Walking Dead

    25/02/2015 04:56
    Speaking on an episode of the US show's recap companion series Talking Dead, Feig said he wanted to bring some of the “scariness” and “gauntlet run elements” of The Walking Dead to the new film. His comments have not been interpreted as signalling ...

  • How to survive zombie apocalypse? Cornell researchers say 'The Walking Dead ...

    26/02/2015 10:22
    In "World War Z," a wall was built to keep ultra-fast flesh-eating zombies out. In "Shaun of the Dead," Simon Pegg and his friends decided to hide in a pub and drink. "The Walking Dead" survivors have tried to find refuge in a prison, a farmhouse and a ...

  • The Walking Dead's First Gay Kiss Really Angered Some Fans

    26/02/2015 13:00
    Even though we're living in America in 2015, some people still don't believe in same-sex relationships. How do we know? During Season 5, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, new characters Aaron and Eric shared a smooch after being reunited with one ...

  • The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 12 — Group Enters Alexandria (PHOTOS)

    26/02/2015 16:11
    If you caught The Walking Dead last Sunday — Season 5, Episode 11: “The Distance” — then you know the hour ended with Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson), Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), ...

  • 'The Walking Deceased' Trailer Spoofs “The Walking Dead”

    26/02/2015 18:47
    ARC Entertainment released its trailer for The Walking Deceased, a spoof of AMC's “The Walking Dead” opening March 20, 2015. “The Walking Deceased is a delightfully bloody addition to the pantheon of zombie-apocalypse spoofs. Lampooning every tried ...

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  • 'The Walking Dead' will air a 90-minute season finale March ...

    25/02/2015 11:56
    The Walking Dead's season five finale will be an extended 90-minute episode airing March 29 at 9 p.m., AMC announced Wednesday. In the finale, Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria ...

  • The all-female Ghostbusters film is inspired by The Walking ...

    24/02/2015 17:10
    During an interview on AMC's Talking Dead on Sunday, the Bridesmaids director admitted that he felt "very inspired" by The Walking Dead, and is looking to bring a similar sense of constant dread to the comedy. "What I love ...

  • 'The Walking Dead' recap: 'The Distance' |

    22/02/2015 17:16
    If there's one thing that arouses suspicion on The Walking Dead, it's a guy who shows up looking like he's been taking regular baths. So naturally, this week's episode was spent suspiciously eyeing the show's most recent ...

  • Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' Aired A Gay Kiss That ...

    23/02/2015 09:40
    The Walking Dead fans are already well aware of the non-controversy that happened last night when two gay characters kissed during one of the final scenes in Sunday's brand new episode. Apparently, there are still many ...

  • 'The Walking Dead' 5×11 Recap: Trust Fall | Observer

    23/02/2015 11:23
    The Walking Dead makes it hard to see any way around this; even if all the zombies died tomorrow, it's tough to imagine everyone putting down their guns, pooling resources and starting over, at least in the short term.

  • The Walking Dead - Loudwire

    23/02/2015 12:27
    You may remember Scott Ian's 2011 zombie makeover from the very early stages of The Walking Dead. Now that the show has entered its fifth season, the special effects have taken a massive leap forward, and you can see ...

  • 'Walking Dead' Actor Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

    21/02/2015 16:15
    The Walking Dead actor Markice Moore is currently recovering after having been hospitalized for a suicide attempt, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

  • The Walking Dead's Gay Kiss Ignites Controversy Online ...

    23/02/2015 21:15
    the_walking_dead_aaron Last night saw the introduction of the characters Aaron and his partner Eric on The Walking Dead, and as soon as they shared a kiss, half of the fans went berserk and tweeted disgust about the ...

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