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  • The Walking Dead Review: "Crossed"

    24/11/2014 10:56
    The Walking Dead is in love with transformations, so I imagine since we're spending so much time with him, he's eventually going to become a badass and learn the realities of life before dying gloriously, but in the meantime…we're wasting valuable ...

  • 'The Walking Dead' star Sonequa Martin-Green on Sasha's big mistake and a ...

    25/11/2014 12:03
    I don't blame her. After all, that Grady Memorial Hospital cop named Bob seemed like a decent enough guy. And he shared the same name as Sasha's boyfriend Bob, who got…you know, eaten. So Tyreese's sister maybe wasn't thinking completely clearly ...

  • The Walking Dead weekly recap: 'Crossed' signals

    24/11/2014 08:52
    First, the good news: Everything is GREATM, and that's not a spelling error. It's the new buzzword coined in “Crossed,” the seventh episode of season five, featuring no less than four distinct story lines, if not more, in a single 42-minute installment.

  • 'The Walking Dead': Carl Trains Father Gabriel To Defend Himself – Watch

    23/11/2014 17:52
    Violence is not the answer, but it is when you're living in a zombie apocalypse. On the Nov. 23 episode of The Walking Dead, Carl (Chandler Riggs) presents Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) with a variety of weapons so he can learn to really survive.

  • The Walking Dead: Power-Ranking Episode 7, Season 5

    24/11/2014 17:18
    The Walking Dead: Power-Ranking Episode 7, Season 5. It's a man-eat-man world out there (literally)—who will be the last one standing? Here, from worst to best, a breakdown of this week's players. By Stelios Phili. November 24, 2014. Play Slideshow.

  • 'Sunday Night Football' Ratings Beat 'The Walking Dead' After Three Weeks

    24/11/2014 14:30
    All good things must come to an end, and for The Walking Dead that happened last night. After beating NBC's Sunday Night Football three weeks in a row and four times this season, the AMC zombie-apocalypse series came up just a little short. Walking ...

  • Give Thanks for The Walking Dead's Resurrection

    23/11/2014 22:01
    Sims: Holy cow, Lenika. I remain amazed at how well this season's slow-burn approach is paying off for The Walking Dead. After hopping between stories for a few weeks, this episode knitted everything together, uniting most of the survivors in a quest ...

  • 'The Walking Dead' Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Lies And Deception

    23/11/2014 23:22
    While I wouldn't necessarily call tonight's episode of “The Walking Dead” filler, it was definitely meant to lead up to next week's main event -- saving Beth and Carol. Thankfully the episode found a perfect balance of action and mystery, which left me ...

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  • 'The Walking Dead' star Melissa McBride on Carol's ...

    16/11/2014 22:01
    SPOILER ALERT: Read on only after watching Sunday's “Consumed” episode of the The Walking Dead.] What happened to Carol after Rick kicked her out of the prison? We finally got the answer to that question in Sunday's ...

  • The Walking Dead: “Consumed” - The AV Club

    16/11/2014 22:03
    There's a scene in “Consumed” that I'd rank among the most effective sequences The Walking Dead has ever done. It's not terrifying, at least not in the most immediate sense of that word; neither of the characters involved ...

  • 'Walking Dead' Carol's Backstory, Early Locations - The ...

    16/11/2014 22:00
    AMC's The Walking Dead filled in Carol's backstory Sunday, going back to the scene when she split with Rick and was banished from the group for killing Karen in a bid to protect the group from the deadly flu in season four.

  • Adam Davidson To Direct Pilot For 'The Walking Dead ...

    24/10/2014 18:29
    Co-created by Robert Kirkman, on whose graphic novel The Walking Dead was based, and Dave Erickson (Marco Polo), the spinoff takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted on The Walking Dead but in a ...

  • Sunday Night Football - Deadline

    17/11/2014 14:32
    Well, this is becoming a bit of a weekly tradition now, isn't it? For a third consecutive week and the fourth time this season, The Walking Dead has solidly beat Sunday Night Football among adults 18-49. In the sixth episode of ...

  • 'The Walking Dead' star Michael Cudlitz explains Abraham's ...

    09/11/2014 22:01
    SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have watched Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead.] We were treated to shocking revelations from both the past and present in Sunday's “Self Help” episode of The Walking Dead.

  • Tyler James Williams previews the next 'Walking Dead': 'We ...

    21/11/2014 12:05
    So I guess we now know who that was in the woods with Daryl outside of the church. Abraham, right? NO! Morgan? NO! The horse that got devoured back in The Walking Dead pilot and has now come back as Indestructible ...

  • The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode Photos - AMC Blogs

    17/09/2014 13:38
    Photos from Season 5 episodes of The Walking Dead.

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