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Trending Topic «The Walking Dead» in Quebec (Canada)

Local Trending Topic «The Walking Dead» in Quebec (Canada): What people are talking about «The Walking Dead» on Twitter in Quebec (Canada).

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  • The Walking Dead's Next Big Shocking Moment Has Nothing to Do with Bod

    11/02/2016 13:45
    The adventure of Rick, Carol, Daryl, etc. has been lurching along for six and half seasons on-screen and a staggering 151 issues of comic-book pages. But The Walking Dead—more than any other hugely popular story—is in danger of inspiring fatigue.

  • The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun reflects on the 'Is Glenn dead?' controversy

    11/02/2016 12:03
    In this week's cover story on the pulse-pounding return of The Walking Dead, we'll take a deep dive into the jaw-dropping twists, scripts that made the cast physically ill, and a new villain who's more terrifying than any zombie. To buy all six ...

  • "The Walking Dead's" Dead Reunite In Somber Photo

    11/02/2016 16:22
    Poll: If "Dead No More" Refers to the Return of a Spider-Man Character, Who Do You Think It Will Be? Poll: How Would You Like the "Supergirl/"Flash" Crossover to Go? Poll: Which of DC's Revamped Hanna-Barbera Comics Are You Most Looking Forward ...

  • The Walking Dead Season 6 News: Midseason Premiere Preview, Return Date ...

    11/02/2016 08:55
    It's the action movie version of The Walking Dead." Nicotero also revealed that over 1,300 walkers were involved in the filming of the episode. Yikes. If that weren't enough, Nicotero teased that we should expect a vibe similar to the classic Romero ...

  • 'The Walking Dead': Face Mashup Challenge

    11/02/2016 12:47
    Can't wait to find out who lives and who dies on Sunday's midseason premiere of The Walking Dead? We here at SuperFan TV can't hold on any longer, so we created this fun game to pass the time until the big event. Have you ever wondered what a mashup ...

  • Andrew Lincoln From The Walking Dead Calls His Love Actually Character a "Stalker"

    11/02/2016 15:23
    Before he was going around killing zombies and evil humans on AMC's The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln played one of the most romantic characters ever. Or...did he? In an interview with TheWrap, posted Wednesday, the actor talks about portraying Mark ...

  • They're back! Exclusive Walking Dead reunion of deceased characters

    11/02/2016 10:06
    All guts, all gory! Entertainment Weekly takes you behind the scenes of the series that lives to shock. In this week's cover story on the pulse-pounding return of The Walking Dead, we'll take a deep dive into the jaw-dropping twists, scripts that made ...

  • The Only Reason Carol Is Still Alive On 'The Walking Dead' Is Lori

    11/02/2016 13:11
    Lori was no one's favorite character on The Walking Dead (Glenn agrees), but she may have protected one of the show's most popular survivors. Or, more accurately, Sarah Wayne Callies (who's as awesome as Lori is annoying) convinced the producers to ...

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